H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji is the founder and inspiration behind activities of Sri Sri Gurukul. Born in 1956 in southern India, Guruji, as he is fondly called, is today one of the worlds greatest spiritual leaders. As a child he was often found deep in meditation and at the age of four, surprised his parents by reciting the Bhagavad Gita. In 1981 he founded the Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth as an institution of excellence in service and human development. Guruji is known all over the world as the founder of the Art of Living Foundation which is now active in more than 140 countries. For more information visit www.srisri.org.

Guruji on Honouring, Offering and Worshipping

Honouring is a sign of divine love, and pooja is honouring the entire creation. Nature has offered us the Sun and the Moon, the flowers and the fruits, and in pooja, we offer everything back to nature. Just like how the children play with us by imitating whatever we do, Pooja is the expression of what the divine is doing to us. Honouring is worshipping, offering oneself, feeling grateful, feeling that the tree, the air, the sun, moon, water, the stars, people - everything here belongs to me. Honouring leads to devotion and surrender., and brings total rest from all anxieties and wants. Life has burned down with so many wants. Devotion brings that total rest—a healing touch to the life that has been moving in so many directions. Devotion is your nature. When you rest in your own nature, there is no conflict.