Course Details

Sri Sri Gurukul offers two main courses and correspondingly has two departments which run them

Integrated Veda Program (11 years)

THE VEDA SCHOOL, trains pupils in the 4 Vedas through a 11-year integrated program. Students also complete their regular education as a part of this program.
Veda School comprises of
• 6 eminent vedic pundits with cumulative experience of over 20 Man Years of learning, practice, research and teaching of the Vedic scriptures.
• 24 Full-time students pursuing a 6 - year program and 81 part-time students pursuing II-year program along with full-time secondary education.
• 310 Alumni placed across reputed heritage centres all over India.


Agama Program (6 years)

THE AGAMA SCHOOL, which trains pupils in various types of Pooja practices, Temple Rituals, Ancient Scriptures such as Saiva Siddhanta, Tirumurai and Jyotish. The curriculum includes practical training in various temples of India and abroad, carrying out yagnas, poojas, homas etc. The students are prepared for the oriental title “Agama Pravara”. They are also prepared for the “Agama Praveena” examination of the HR&CE, Govt. of Karnataka (Maharaja Sanskrit College, Mysore) and also for the Veda Agama Shastra examination conducted by Sri Venketeshwara Vedic University, Tirumala, Tirupathi.
The Agama School has
• 16 eminent teachers and experts in Veda, Agama, Sanskrit and other classical studies
• 250 students full time in a rigorous 6-year program.