From its humble beginnings  in 2002, the Veda Agama Samskrutha Maha Patashala has come a long way and has shown phenomenal progress in various fronts. A few of the achievements are highlighted below.


At the time of inception of the Patashala the total constructed area was 20,000 sq. ft. Today the built up area is 200,000 sq. ft. with prayer hall, students hostels, library, computer lab etc. In each and every aspect the Patashala is being developed with the dedicated faculties and disciplined students.


1. VI Batch students had participated in Shivagama Public Examination (Shaivagama Pravara) conducted by HR&CE Board, Government of Karnataka. In this examination our students had done their best and cameout with flying colours.
2. In this year our VII Batch students will appear for Shaivagama Public Examination (Shaivagma Pravara) .
3. Result of Samakrutha Bharathi Examinations conducted in this year.

                Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu      Aksharam, Bangalore
Pravesha      12                                    2
Parichaya      30                                   1
Shiksha         28                                   1
Kovida          12                                   1

All our students had passed the above mentioned examination at the rate 100%.


Sivavidyotasavam, an exhibition with the objective of communicating the relevance and application of vedic knowledge to a mass audience, was launched in May 2007. It has now become a yearly national level Veda Agama Shastras Seminar. Sivavidyothsavam 2008 had been conducted by our Patashala at Chidambaram Sri Nataraja Temple and at Annamalai University in May 2008. Many Scholars in the field of Veda Agama Shastras have participated and addressed the gathering. Many scholars were honored for their life time service to the society in this spiritual field. Govt. Officials, Saints, Scholars, Media and general public witnessed this grand function. More details can be found on the website.

National Seminar Agamas - On Theory & Practice

The tradition and culture of our country are authentically traceable from our ancient source like Shruti and Smriti. Agamas also form a part of this. When one hears the name ‘Agama’ the general impression one gets is that they are meant only for the purpose of worship. So to avoid such impressions and misunderstanding and to create awareness among the world of scholars as well as the public, a discussion on the subject is needed. Scientific reasons and metaphysical aspects hidden behind each and every step of agamas needed to be explored and explained. As a part of such innovative awareness program DEPT. OF SAMSKRIT, UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS AND VEDA VIGNAN MAHA VIDYA PEETHAM, ART OF LIVING INTERNATIONAL CENTRE, BANGALORE, is jointly organized a national seminar on “Agamas - In Theory and Practice”. The seminar will also cover both Saiva and Vaishnavagama..

Poojas, Homas, Temple Rituals...

The patashala has been involved in numerous religious and temple rituals across India. Some of them are listed below (2008) Bhramhotsava
1. Sri Avinashilingeshwara Temple, Bramhothsava, Avinashi. (May,2008)
2. Sri Jnanakshi Rajeshwari Temple, Bangalore

Maha Kumbhabishekams:
1. Sri Shastha Temple, Athur (June 2011)
2. Sri Madhyarjuneshwara Swamy Temple, Rajendram (June 2011)
3. Sri Nagammal Temple, Salem (June 2011)
4. Sri Muneeshwara Swamy Temple Coimbatore (July 2011)
5. Sri Bhadrakaliyaman Temple, Coimbatore (July 2011)
6. Sri Siddhi Vinayakar Temple, Attappanpatti (Sep 2011)
7. Sri Maha Kaliyaman Temple, Tirupur (Jan 2012)
8. Sri Umayambika Sametha Veerasekara Swamy Temple, Sakkottai (Feb 2012)
9. Sri Pettaling Estate Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Kulalampur, Malayasia
10. Sri Shakthi Mariamman Temple, Salem (Feb 2012)
11. Sri Mariamman Temple, Jalagandapuram (Feb 2012)
12. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Erode, (Mar 2012)
13. Sri Bhagavathiamman Temple, Mohanoor (Mar 2012)
14. Sri Peeliamman Temple, Chennai (Mar 2012)

Chandi Homas:
1. Sri Shata Chandi Homa, Navaratri Celebration, Bangalore
2. Nava Chandi Homa, 33 AOL Centres (Sep 2011)
3. Athirudram & Ayutha Chandi Homa, Belgaum (Jan 2012)
4. Sri Devi Karumariamman Temple, Shrungagiri ( Jan 2012)
5. Sri Nava Chandi Homa, Sri Sri Gurukul, Bangalore (Jan 2012)

Special Poojas:
1. Sri Raj Rajeshwari Tample, Samvatsarabhisekam, Bangalore (June 2011)
2. Sri Maha Rudrabhishekam, Coimbatore (July 2011)
3. Sri Bhadrakaliamman Temple, Koti Archana, Tuticorin (Aug 2012)
4. Sri Prathyangira Homa, Chennai, (Nov 2011)
5. Sri Velayudha Swamy Temple, Sri Saneeshwara swamy Laksharchana, Erode, (Dec 2011)
6. Sri Navalaksha Navakshari Homam, Punnainallur, Thanjavur (Dec 2011)
7. Sri Maha Shivrathri Pooja, Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, Bangalore (Feb 2012)

1. Sri Gnanakshi Rajarajeshwari Temple, Bangalore (Mar 2012)
2. Sri Avinashi Lingaswara Swamy Temple, Avinashi (May 2012)

Other Activities:
1. Our students participated in "Geetha Govinda" (Sparda) on the month of June 2011 at Bangalore and they grabbed many prizes in this competitions. 2. Our Students participated in Maha Shivaratri “Veda Shivagama Vidvath Seminar” at Sri Sri Gurukul Bangalore on February 2012

Best School Award

Veda Agama Samskrutha Maha Patashala won the "Best School" award based on multiple criteria including knowledge, literary skills, chanting skills, overall poise, leadership qualities and personality of the students from among 20 patashalas at the National Level competition conducted by Srimath. Srikanta Shivacharya Veda Agama Vidyapeeta in January 2007.